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re·pur·pose: A Work in Material Gestures

With Carla Duarte and Lia Rousset

The project reconfigures materials associated with food, clothing and shelter within the 12x12 space at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (MCA). Repurposed bricks, sweaters and seeds are bound together into hundreds of multiples. Employing the nature of the materials, the absorbent quality of the brick juxtaposing the wicking nature of the wool provides a structure for seeds to sprout.We tend to the needs of the system through our labor and use carts to garner water, heat and light from in and around the MCA.

Creating a full resource cycle, the multiples are planted in the northern garden bed of the MCA. Mustard and field pea are embedded in the sweaters and these plants pull toxins and add nitrogen through their root structures. This process remediates the Museum’s soil and revitalizes a meeting place for spontaneous social interaction.


Thank you to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago for these images.

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