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New Venus: Shock and Awe Redux
Video Editing:  Alicia Chester

There are two theories of how ceramic firing developed. One is related to food the other awe.  Shock and Awe Redux is a re-performance of the Paleolithic practice of tossing Venus figures into an open fire, likely to see them explode.

Rather than remake the Venus form, I have been using studio visit as a time to sit, talk and make impressions of interior the space of the hand.  This action, taking a ball of clay and squeezing it, is not only one of the first actions everyone does upon feeling clay, it captures the mark of labor and strength.  The hollow space of the hand is the space of a hammer, a saw, a knife and a handshake. Like a fingerprint, each impression is unique and identifiable to the hand.

Perhaps like my Paleolithic ancestors, I find it deeply pleasurable to throw the forms into the fire and to have them explode.

The survivors hang on the wall. 

Thanks to Tricia, Gregg, Stefanie, Alicia and Joel for braving the cold and to all who visited my studio and left their mark.


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